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Freedom Township has enacted several general ordinances over the years to regulate various activities within the township, for the mutual benefit of residents and businesses.

The general ordinances currently in effect are listed below, and may be downloaded and printed. In October 2002, the township completed a recodification program, which repealed certain ordinances, and renumbered and reorganized others. The general ordinances are now considered part of a “Code Book”, with each ordinance a “chapter” within the book. Therefore, Chapter 2 corresponds to Ordinance 2. The Zoning Ordinance, available on its own page, is considered Chapter 1 of the Freedom Township Code Book.

To view the current ordinances in force, click on the table of contents link below, which will aid you in selecting the appropriate ordinance(s) for downloading and viewing. The titles of each ordinance are also listed on their appropriate link.

Because some ordinances have been repealed since the 2002 recodification effort, there are gaps in the numbering sequence. There are also no general ordinances numbered between 19 and 28, with new ordinances since 2002 beginning with Ordinance 29.

These ordinances are stored in Adobe Acrobat “pdf” format, and require Adobe Reader for viewing and printing. See the “Forms/Ordinance” page for a link to downloading the free Adobe Reader software if you do not already have it.

Paper copies of the current ordinances may also be purchased from the Township Clerk.

Click below on the link of interest. Some of the ordinances are large files, so be patient if downloading on a dial-up modem!

General Ordinances - Cover and Table of Contents (through Chapter 30)
Chapter 2 - Freedom Lake Speed
Chapter 4 - Fiscal Year
Chapter 5 - Electrical Franchise
Chapter 6 - Noise
Chapter 7 - Animal Control
Chapter 8 - Ordinance Enforcement Officer
Chapter 9 - Dangerous Buildings
Chapter 10 - Landfill Evaluation Fee
Chapter 11 - Littering
Chapter 12-B - Private Road
Chapter 13 - Consumers Power Co. Gas Franchise
Chapter 15 - Fire and Emergency Medical Charge (revised fee schedule implemented in 2008)
Chapter 16 - Liquor License
Chapter 18 - Purchase of Development Rights
Chapter 29 - Extraction (repealed - see Ordinance 32)
Chapter 30 - Soil Erosion
Chapter 31 - State Construction Code
Chapter 32 - Extraction Ordinance
Chapter 32A-Extraction
Chapter 32B-Extraction
Chapter 33 - Revocation of Ordinance 18 (PDR)
Chapter 34 - Resolution to Join Manchester Community Joint Planning Commission
Chapter 35 - Private Community Wastewater Systems
Chapter 36 - Rezone Designated Property from R-2 to C-1 (Bucholtz Property)
Chapter 37 - Rezone Certain Lands from R-2 to C-1 (Pleasant Lake)
Chapter 38 - An Ordinance to Repeal Ordinance 34 (MCJPC)
Chapter 39 - Establishes Manchester Community Joint Planning Commission
Chapter 40 - Confirm Establishment of the Freedom Township Planning Commission Under Public Act 33 of 2008
Chapter 41 - An Ordinance to Repeal Ordinance 39 (MCJPC)
Chapter 42- An Ordinance to amend section 1.05 of the Freedom Township Zoning Ordinance
Chapter 43- Zoning Ordinance
Chapter 43-A amendment
Chapter 43-B - Update fence Standards
Chapter 43-C- Home Occupations
Chapter 43-D - Temporary Camping
Chapter 43-E - Contractor's Est. and Equipment Storage Yard added to C-1 and C-2 zoning districts
Chapter 43-F - Short-Term Transient Rentals amendment
Chapter 43-G - Amendment to the Official Zoning Map
Chapter 44- PSP District and Pleasant Lake Area Rezoning
Chapter 45 - Weed Control Ordinance
Chapter 46- Emergency Services
Chapter 47- Civil Infraction Ordinance
   resolution to establish schedule of civil fines and costs for the municipal civil infraction ordinance
Chapter 48- Prohibition of Marihuana Establishments Ordinance
Chapter 49- Cemetery Ordinance
  resolution concerning cemetery charges and fees
  resolution concerning cemetery charges for transfer of burial plots
Chapter 50- Short-Term Transient Rental Ordinance
Chapter 51-A An Ordinance to Repeal Ordinance 15 and 46
Chapter 51- Emergency Services Cost Recovery Ordinance
Chapter 52- Consumer Energy Gas Franchise
Chapter 53- Outdoor Burning Ordinance

Ordinance 19 - Recodification. This link is provided to show the end results of the recodification program, and is not listed as a “general” ordinance.

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