Freedom Township DOES NOT hold appointments at the township hall. If you need to setup an appointment, please contact an administrator directly.

Supervisor- Larry Lindemann 
 (734) 428-7545 ext.1                 

Clerk- Valisa Bristle                   (734) 428-7545 ext.2  - phone     (734) 222-6405-fax     
Treasurer- Rudy Layher
            (734) 428-7545 ext.3 - phone     (734)428-1029-fax                                           

Trustee- Dennis Huehl               
(734) 260-4454       

Trustee- Dan Schaible             
(734) 545-2615        

Planning Commission
Chair- Matt Little                   
(734) 428-7545 ext.5          

Secretary-Susan Ochs      
      (734) 769-6031         

Dan Schaible                         

Mike Bossory                         
(734) 428-0218       

Karen Flahie                         
(734) 428-9377    

Township Hall Manager- Jodie Anderson      (734)428-7545 ext.6

Zoning Administrator-Jim Coval    (734)428-7545 ext.4

Ordinance Enforcement Officer-   Austin Helber     (734)428-7545 ext.7

Western Washtenaw Construction Authority     (734) 428-7545 ext.8


Property Assessing and Equalization-

Assessor: Samuel C. Spang MMAO | Director

Washtenaw County Equalization Dept.

Office: 734.222.6503

Assessing Assistant: Melissa Brooks 734-222-6515
Property assessing and equalization activities in Freedom Township are administered by Washtenaw County’s Equalization Department.  
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 8645
Ann ArborMI 48107-8645

FOIA Requests Contact- Clerk Valisa Bristle   (734)428-7545 ext. 2 
FOIA Request Form
FOIA Policy
Forms can be emailed to
or mailed to Clerk at:
11508 Pleasant Lake Road

Zoning Board of Appeals

Chair- Jeff Weidmayer          
Vice-Chair-Scott Diuble
Secretary-Frank Lobbestael
Larry Lindemann
Matt Little
Scott Guenther, alternate

Deputy Clerk -Elissa Weidmayer
Deputy Treasurer -Victoria ST. Charles
District Library Delegate - Alex McKay and Elissa Weidmayer

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